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News-Barcoding Project

August 2018 - Barcoding Project Continues

Optical Cabling Systems is increasing the use of barcoding to track a number of processes, including inventory management and production. Each product is tagged with a unique barcode which is utilized during production to identify the product.

Although each tag is only used for the duration of production and is destroyed when the product is completed, the tag eliminates and reduces paperwork in other areas while increasing accuracy in identifying each product for various testing and other process steps.

May 2018 - Certified to ISO 9001:2015

ISO 2001 has changed with the introduction of the newest version ISO 2001:2015.  ISO standards are reviewed every five years.  If a need is found the standards are revised which helps to ensure the standard remains relevant to the current business environment.

This year Optical Cabling Systems updated to the new standard.  The new standard changes some of the underlying structure, but the main difference is emphasis on risk based thinking.


April 2018 - Calibration and Maintenance of IL/RL Test Sets

For the past three years OCS has opted to have the light loss measuring equipment portion of our annual calibrations completed by the equipment manufacturer. OCS relies on EXFO and JGR loss measurement equipment for our IL/RL testing.

By having the equipment manufacturer do this work, the units are truly calibrated and repaired. PM is also done as part of the process.

All equipment was found to be in tolerance when tested and the machines are ready for another year of use.


April 2017 - Last ISO 9000-2008 Quality Audit

OCS just completed the last ISO 9001:2008 quality audit it will ever have.  Next year our switch to ISO 9001:2015 will be complete and we will be audited against the new standard.

ISO 9001, of course, is a well known standard which defines requirements for a company's quality management system (QMS). The new version of the standard is ISO 9001:2015 which will replace ISO 9001:2008. The new standard is designed to lower risk, or at least focus more on risk based thinking.



January 2017 - New Cable Label Printers

The cable label printers at OCS  have been replaced.  The old printers had reached a point where it was time to either replace the printing heads or replace the printers.  After review, replacement was the optimal choice.

As of this month, after six weeks of changeover activities, trials, and training, the entire cable label printing system has been replaced with two new Brady printers which are capable of printing all current labels, and more.

In addition to new printers a new computer workstation running the latest Brady LabelMark™ software package was installed.  The new system has been added to our network which will allow additional method improvements in the future.

These printers are capable of a wide range of barcodes, simple black and white graphics, and a full range of font types and sizes.  One of the most important improvements is in crispness and clarity of the printing.


November 2016 - New JGR™ MPO Polarity Tester

OCS has worked with JGR Optics™ to develop a new polarity tester and we have now purchased a 24 channel polarity verification unit. The machine allows us to automatically identify 12 fiber Method A, B, or C polarity, but goes bey0nd that with 24 fiber route identification.

In addition to standard configurations, such as 100G (which is based on 24 fiber MPOs) we use this system to accurately verify that cable fibers are correctly routed for a wide variety of special customer configurations in trunks and fan-outs.

With the addition of a second unit this workstation can be updated to handle 48 fiber MPO polarities, again with the ability to check any available route.


August 2016 - Polarity Tester Prototype Development

OCS is testing a new JGR Optics™ 12 channel polarity verification unit. The unit is a one of a kind prototype and it quickly identifies MPO® cable polarity as Method A, B, or C automatically.

Today, however, we also have to verify that cable fibers are correctly routed for a wide variety of special customer needs and this new test machine can be programmed for literally any fiber route. We will be using this unit going forward to replace older polarity checking methods with greater speed and accuracy.

JGR has been working closely with us to identify needs and may even design a 24 channel unit to more closely match today's MPO cable configurations.


July 2016 - Website Upgrade

The latest change at OCS is a face-lift for our online presence. Our website was previously a simple HTML website, but it has been upgraded to a modern WordPress database powered website. This software will allow us to add content more easily and to add features in the future with greater ease.

The software being used is very popular among business users. There are a large number of website publishing platforms out there, but a recent survey has shown that 25% of all websites on the internet are published using the WordPress software.


March 2016 - MPO Cleaving System

Our newest MTP® production equipment addition is the PHENIX MT cleaving system.  This system allows us to cleave 4 to 72 fiber MPO/MTP® ferrules quickly and accurately.  The system can complete an entire MT ferrule cleave in seconds.  The time is comparable to that of a laser cleaving system and the quality of cleave is excellent.  The mechanical cleaving method of this machine does not have any heating effects when the cutting is effected.


July 2015 - FastMT

The newest addition to our roster of test equipment is the FastMT inspection system.  This system allows us to visually inspect from 4 to 72 individual fibers in MPO/MTP® ferrules to standards or customer specifications with reproducible results quickly and accurately.


December 2014 - Production Floor Remodel

The remodel of our production floor is completed with a whiter brighter look and a more controlled environment. In addition to adding space, power supply and lighting was increased.  Additional changes include hard, cleaner surfaces, both on the floor and ceiling.


May 2012 - New Light Turn® Prizm® Connectors

Designed as a miniature detachable connector for high speed board mounted parallel optic modules. The PRIZM® LightTurn® connector consists of a multi-fiber ferrule with a photonic turn TIR lens array which accepts cleaved fibers. the terminated PRIZM® along with an accompanying connector housing attaches directly to a circuit board.

OCS spent $60,000 for training and equipment to be able to terminate and test these assemblies for our customers. The first order was delivered this month and OCS looks forward to making many more Prizm® assemblies in the future. Call or email us if you need this type of assembly for your customers and want to avoid the cost and commitment to setting up your own production area.  Let us do this product for you.


2009-2010 - MTP Pioneer

OCS, an early adopter of the MTP®, received the necessary training at US Conec® allowing us to become the largest domestic supplier of MTP® assemblies in 2009 and 2010.