About Us

What We Do

Optical Cabling Systems (OCS) is a contract manufacturer of fiber optic cables, rack units, and related products.

The OCS contract manufacturing strategy promotes strategic alliances. OCS only sells our CM service to product manufacturers so we never compete with you, our customer. We can literally be your complete manufacturing facility.  Usually OCS customers have us drop ship their products directly to their end-customers, following their own packaging and paperwork schemes. Our CM (Custom Manufacturing) strategy lowers your overall costs by reducing manufacturing overhead. We are your contract manufacturing facility. Remember, we have no products of our own to promote, except our custom manufacturing service of making your products.

By using OCS you never jeopardize your customer relationships or IP. OCS will never be a competitor for your customers. We are not a competitor! We are your confidential manufacturing service.

Our fiber manufacturing focus improves cost and service Levels.  OCS only provides fiber optic, hybrid (fiber/copper), metal rack enclosures, and related manufacturing services.  We will process your order through termination, verification and shipping.  We integrate as completely as possible with your manufacturing needs.

Our "fiber only" focus increases efficiency and reduces overall costs, strengthens internal competency and related customer service.

We are fiber specialists and share our expertise with our strategic partners, plus all your products are made in America – BAA & RUS Compliant!
Typical fiber optic related products we can make for you include MPO trunks and harnesses of all sizes, simplex jumpers, duplex jumpers, high fiber count cables, pre-terminated OSP node/drop cables, metal enclosures, Prizm® direct to PC board assemblies, rework and correction of work done by others, or other FO manufacturing you might like to discuss. Email Us Now!!

What We Believe

At OCS our goal is to provide our customers with value added services by way of superior products and continual improvement.  We strive to fully understand our customer’s requirements and meet those requirements without error, on time, every time. Ethics at OCS means that all actions must follow moral values to benefit customers and that those actions must be open, honest, transparent, fair and discreet.

OCS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Quality at OCS is demonstrated in all actions, we strive to exceed customer expectations and maintain our quality at levels superior to the norm.

At OCS we exhibit service in all actions; we are always helpful to our customers and deliver in a timely manner.